Some of Brisbane’s most historic properties are unlocking their doors to the public this weekend.

The event called Brisbane Open House will showcase some of the city’s architecture.

Maddison Bates-Willis reports.


They’re buildings we pass every day, but have you ever wondered why they were built? Who built them? Who have they housed?

Brisbane’s buildings have stories to tell and secrets to share.

Brisbane Open House offers a rare opportunity for locals to explore more than 90 of the city’s most significant sites and buildings.

Malcolm Middleton, Queensland Government Architect: “Well it’s part of a worldwide event whereby buildings that people are familiar with and unfamiliar with, are all opened up on the same weekend.”

This ambassador for this year’s event is better known for smashing the New South Wales Blues but Darren Lockyer is a design enthusiast too.

Darren Lockyer, Brisbane Open House Ambassador: “I have an interest in architecture and I was asked by the Queensland Government if I wanted to be involved and be an ambassador for the particular program. The Open House, I think is a great concept.”

Brisbane Open House is about getting to know the city a little better.

Tim Mander, Minister for Housing and Public Works: “Most people would go past here, and I’m one, I’ve lived here all my life, and wouldn’t really appreciate the historical significance of a site like this.”

The Spring Hill Reservoirs here on Wickham terrace are notorious being under lock and key.

But, they are just one of the sites being opened this weekend for locals to learn the secrets of the city’s past.

And there’s even some pint-sized architecture on show for the kids.

Architect-designed cubby houses will be on display in Queens Park in the city.

Brisbane Open House will run all weekend long and is free of charge.

Maddison Bates-Willis, QUT News.