The Heart Foundation has announced a total review of its food tick approval scheme.

And it’s all thanks to the efforts of a young Brisbane woman.

Louise Priddle reports.


Two-years-ago Jessie Reimers was sick in hospital with nutritional deficiencies and started to examine her diet.

She also started to look at what foods the Heart Foundation award their healthy tick to.

Jessie Reimers, Social Activist: “Once I’d done my research and saw what the heart foundation was promoting as heart healthy and nutrition advice, I didn’t think it was good enough.”

She started a petition which now has nearly 100,000 signatures calling on people to boycott the tick.

She says the current review doesn’t go far enough.

Jessie Reimers, Social Activist: “A review is a really good step forward and it is progression but it’s a lot more than the tick of approval that we’re trying to change.”

The Queensland Heart Foundation CEO says the review is important.

Stephen Vines, Qld Heart Foundation CEO: “It is time to take stock of the tick program, there’s been a lot of changes in 25 years in the health environment.”

He wants the public to be able to trust the Heart Foundation tick.

Vox 1: “When I buy foods I don’t take it into consideration because they’re labelling foods like Macca’s.”

Vox 2: “No I wouldn’t even take that into account when I’m buying something, a lot of the products that do have heart foundation ticks are highly processed foods.”

The heart foundation will finish its review by the end of 2015. Health experts are praising the move.

Pieta Hynes, Dietitian: “I think the tick guidelines need to align with the Australian Government guidelines.”

The Heart Foundation is seeking public opinion on the changes.

Louise Priddle, QUT News.