Australian Super Hornets have dropped two bombs onto Islamic State targets.

These are the first dropped by Australia so far.

Laura Dixon reports.


The RAAF Hornet dropped the two bombs onto what Defence has described as an “ISIL facility”.

This is the first Australian air strike.

Previous strikes were cancelled, due to the possibility of civilian casualties.

A former Defence chief says aerial attacks won’t be enough to defeat Islamic State militants.

Lt-Gen Peter Leahy, Former Chief of the Army: “Air power alone will not be able to solve this problem, what will have to happen is that as we’re fighting terrorists, as we’re fighting an ideology, we’ll have to get boots on the ground.”

And Prime Minister Abbott has his own plan to fight terror on Australian soil.

He wants to change the law so radical groups can be banned.

Tony Abbott, Prime Minister: “This is an organisation which is very careful to avoid advocating terrorism but is always making excuses for terrorist organisations.”

But the PM found himself under fire this morning for his silence on the public attacks on Muslim women here.

Radio Caller: “I have never once seen Mr Abbott stand up and condemn it. Does that mean he supports it because he hasn’t condemned it? Is this Australian? Is this the culture that we want our kids to be brought up on?”

Tony Abbott, Prime Minister: “I’m happy to condemn it.”

Radio Caller: “I’ve never heard you condemn it.”

Tony Abott, Prime Minister: “Well I’m happy to do it now.”

Laura Dixon, QUT News.