Mango mania engulfed Rocklea Markets, as the first case of the season went under the hammer.

This year’s Mango King bid the golden sum of $30,000!

Joseph Cooney reports.


The bidding was fast and furious at this year’s Mango Auction.

The rush for the symbolic first tray has generated over $750,000 for charity over the past 12 years.

And this year saw the bidders dig deep.

Auctioneer: “30,000 third and final call, King on his throne, Carlo Lorenti sold! 30,000 dollars well done!”

He handed over a king’s ransom for the golden fruit, but was happy to donate it all to Diabetes Queensland.

Carlo Lorenti, Clayfield Markets Fresh: “It’s close to my heart because one of the managers at my shop whose son is diagnosed with Diabetes 1, and it’s pretty hard going, so that kind of inspired me today also.”

And these ‘Sporting kings’ got behind a cause that supports the 280 Australians diagnosed each day. But for the ‘mango king’ it was back to the grind.

Carlo Lorenti, Clayfield Markets Fresh: “Pretty much go back to the shop, write a cheque, and make some money to make up for the winning bid.”

After paying just under $2,000 per mango, it might take a while.

Joseph Cooney, QUT News.