South Bank’s oldest pub, The Plough Inn is celebrating its 150th birthday today.

The party will really get started tonight with the launch of a crafted signature brew.

Caitlin Puplett reports.


The Plough Inn first opened its doors in 1885 and remains one of the oldest buildings in Brisbane.

It survived the re-vamp of South Bank during Expo 88 and current owner Dave Argus insists on maintaining its proud yesteryear charm.

Dave Argus, Publican: “We don’t want to go the aluminium steel glass look of every other pub around town. We decide to keep ourselves as the original pub and that’s how you see it today.”

But even back in 1988 the pub was still renowned for being the local hangout, one of the only two buildings remaining.

Dave Argus, Publican: “We’d have a drink and then go look at the pavilions. So Expo was a really great time for The Plough.”

While there have been a few alterations to the pub over the years, it still boasts many of its original features such as the staircase and kitchen.

Tonight the Plough Inn will launch celebrations by unveiling a new specially crafted beer by Carlton Draught.

The brew’s recipe which is also 150 years old, is exclusively available at The Plough.

If you’re quick you can have one poured off the wood.

The publican and his wife Sheryl will crack the first keg this evening.

And the celebrations will continue all month.

Caitlin Puplett, QUT News.