Prime Minister Tony Abbott has foreshadowed new laws to make it illegal to ‘promote’ terrorism.

This would allow border authorities the right to deny entry to those with extremist views.

Mr Abbott says “hate preachers” need to be stopped at Australia’s border.

Meantime, approval for our special forces troops to enter Iraq, is close.

Maddison Bates-Willis reports.


Australia’s Defence Chief Marshal Mark Binskin briefed the media this morning.

He says agreements to allow Australia’s special forces troops into Iraq should be finalised in the next few days.

The specialist soldiers have been waiting for the green light for nearly three weeks.

Australia’s Super Hornets have flown their third mission in Iraq since Sunday, but are yet to drop any bombs.

Chief Marshal Binskin says this is because of the risk of civilian casualties, with Islamic State militants moving into built-up areas.

Mark Binskin, Defence Force Chief: “It stops forces like ISIL amassing on a battlefield and running ground, and having the freedom of manoeuvre. And what it does, it restricts their manoeuvre – the counter to that is going into urban areas and which is exactly what you’re seeing.”

Military experts are questioning whether the US-led coalition has the ability to defeat IS.

But Prime Minister Tony Abbott insists Australia’s role is purely to advise and assist.

Tony Abbott, Prime Minister: “We shouldn’t try to do this on our own. Our mission is to assist the Iraqi people to help themselves. That’s our mission.”

And Mr Abbott is moving to deny radical groups who promote terrorism entry to Australia.

Current laws don’t allow the government to ban groups unless they engage in a terrorist act.

Maddison Bates-Willis, QUT News.