Whether you’re sipping on a latte with lunch or getting a boost before clocking in at the office one thing’s for sure, you can soon expect to pay more for your daily caffeine hit, as the price of coffee beans soars.

Tom Sharman reports.


The average price of coffee in Brisbane is currently $3.60 but it looks like that might change as coffee shops have to pay more for beans.

In the last 12 months, the price of coffee beans has doubled, due to the main suppliers in countries such as Brazil suffering droughts which has severely affected many coffee plantations ability to produce.

Coffee shop owners say they’ll try to limit passing on the costs to the customer.

Jason Coolen, Gunshop Cafe Owner: “It’s just like anything your buying, anything in the world, you mean, prices do go up, but generally they stabilise.”

Although many coffee drinkers say they’re willing to pay just about any price to get their daily caffeine fix.

Vox pop 1: “A good coffee is worth paying for.”

Despite the increase in bean prices, industry professionals say that coffee prices won’t reach the seven dollar mark, as some consumers had feared.

Dean Merlo, Owner Merlo’s Coffee: “I think there would have to be some serious market influences to get prices around there. I don’t see that happening if coffee prices continue to increase there will be more people who grow coffee.”

Tom Sharman, QUT News.