Premier Campbell Newman was on the front foot today talking up the economy to almost one thousand business leaders.

He estimates Queensland will be back in the black in just over twelve months.

Taryn Watt reports.


The premier says under the previous government Queensland was vying with Tasmania for the economic wooden spoon.

But over the last two and a half years has grown into the strongest state economy in the country.

Campbell Newman, Premier: “Well I believe we have now turned the corner and demonstrated clearly to the rest of Australia that Queensland is the best place to do business.”

Mr Newman slammed the former Labor government saying their uncontrolled spending had cost Queenslanders dearly.

He said his reforms would bring Queensland into it’s first fiscal surplus in a decade.

Campbell Newman, Premier: “For the first time in ten years ladies and gentlemen, the state of Queensland will not be borrowing money.”

And business leaders seem to agree.

Geoff Rodgers, Chairman Rowland: “Something that can’t be underestimated and that is business confidence. Without a doubt there is a renewed strength in the business confidence in Queensland.”

Mr Newman said thanks to the Queensland Plan the state has an economic plan for the next thirty years which has been decided by the people for the people.

Taryn Watt, QUT News.