It’s Mental Health Week.

And despite a ‘tough bloke’ image construction workers are at much higher risk of suicide.

Now, industry bodies are urging tradies, to open up about their problems.

Maddison Bates-Willis reports.


Construction workers are more than twice as likely to suicide, than other Australians.

And they are six times more likely to die this way than through workplace accidents.

Advocacy body, Mates in Construction, says mental health is not talked about enough in the construction industry and that needs to change.

They say every Australian has a role to play.

Jorgen Gullestrup, Mates in Construction CEO: “The core message is that mental health and suicide is everyone’s business. If we actually want to make a difference, then every one of us has a very important role to play.”

Carpentary apprentice Nathan, says the job does take its toll on his mental health.

Nathan Jennison, Apprentice Carpenter: “I definitely get real nervous when I first started with the new blokes on the job just not sure how to do anything so just when they tell you to do something you get pretty anxious.”

There are almost one million construction workers in Australia.

Mates in Construction says raising awareness of mental health, and providing support networks will help.

Mates In Construction are urging construction workers to lend a hand and start by simply asking their workmates ‘are you ok?’

Support is available for anyone in need by calling Lifeline, Mensline and Kids Helpline.

Maddison Bates-Willis, QUT News.