Australia’s special forces are on standby to start work in Iraq, as soon as final paperwork is sorted.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott says Australian troops could become active in Baghdad after the Royal Australian Air Force has completed another mission over Iraq.

Christopher Thompson reports.


Four of our Super Hornets have completed a second reconnaissance mission over Iraq flying 1,400 kilometres from Australia’s base in Dubai.

During the flight, the jets waited in what’s called a ‘cab rank’ for the US Central Command to identify IS locations.

But, as was the case with their first mission on Sunday, the jets did not launch any bombs.

In Australia, the Government is still to confirm whether Australian ground troops will be active in Baghdad.

Tony Abbott, Prime Minister: “Our forces are ready to go, we are finalising the legal documentation. I hope that can be done very quickly because it is an absolutely critical mission upon which our forces will be embarked.”

The Iraq Government has already given permission for diggers to train and support Iraqi troops on the ground.

Christopher Thompson, QUT News.