Plans to upgrade one of Brisbane’s biggest traffic choke points will cost 38 people their homes.

Houses on the river side of Lytton Road will be removed to make way for two extra lanes.

Marcus De Witt-Ryall reports.


Residents are very worried.

Claire Cavander, Affected Home Owner:”We have worked all our lives, we’ve, my husband worked away seven days a week 14 hour days doing shutdowns on power stations so we could end up with this as our superannuation.”

Claire is one of the 38 residents at risk of losing their homes as council tries to ease the congestion prone road.

Council says the final plan will have less impact on local residents.

Adrian Schrinner, Acting Lord Mayor:”As part of the previous plan up to 70 property owners would have been affected. This plan will see that reduced to down to 45.”

Many residents discovered the developments were going ahead today and are saying they will not give up their homes.

Theano Michellis, Local Home Owner: “Please no touch my yard because I am happy here now.”

Road authorities believe the section of road is unsafe.

Council maintains this is a necessary project and will go ahead despite the heartache it will cause some residents.

Some locals understand the necessity of upgrades in the area.

Sue O’loan, Local Resident: “Oh well I think it’s necessary, the, the way it is is just horrible for just about everybody, particularly getting in and out of the side street. So I think it’s absolutely necessary.”

Affected residents must relocate before early in 2018 when construction is set to start.

Marcus De Witt-Ryall, QUT News.