The future of three LNP State members is being decided today.

It seems certain Bruce Flegg won’t be standing in his seat, but two others may be now pre-selected in their electorates.

Lachlan Eyers reports.


The LNP hierarchy began deliberations at LNP headquarters early.

Peter Dutton, Health Minister: “I don’t discuss internal party matters.”

The futures of Bruce Flegg in Moggill, Ros Bates in Mudgeeraba and Peter Dowling in Redlands are in the hands of the coalition’s executive committee.

Each member has embarrassed the LNP government in some way.

Dr Chris Davis who resigned from the Newman Government earlier this year has his own thoughts on current events.

Dr Chris Davis, Former Liberal MP: “The local electorates ought to decide as to who is best to represent them rather than the party machine.”

The Government will hope it’s more inexperienced MPs will be ready for a long campaign.

Dr Chris Davis, Former Liberal MP: “The party machine has an issue about the quality of their candidates generally.”

The government wants to present a united front by the election.

Managing its large MP contingent will be no mean feat.

Today’s pre-selection discussions are designed to address weak elements of the government.

John Mickel, Political Science QUT: “I see in terms of them wanting to clear the decks of what has been the error-rate in their first term of government.”

The former Queensland speaker believes Mudgeeraba and Redlands could be hard to hold.

And the minor parties may be the beneficiaries.

John Mickel, Political Science QUT: “Given that those members would have some personal following, if Clive Palmer scooped them up to run for him, then hang on to your hats.”

The Newman Government will hope its large majority will balance out any swing against it.

Lachlan Eyers, QUT News