The Queensland Government has stepped up its campaign to stamp out alcohol and drug related violence.

It’s launched a new campaign called Safe Night Out which includes tougher penalties for trouble makers.

Jacinta Lal reports.


The Queensland Government’s “Safe Night Out” campaign starts tonight.

It’s spending just over $44.5 million on the plan that will include better policing and prevention as well as stiffer penalties for offenders.

Assistant Commissioner Peter Martin, QPS Brisbane Region: “We want people to come out, we want people to have a good time, but we want people to be responsible wherever possible they should exercise good awareness in their environment. They should not drink to the point where they lose control of their faculties.”

The strategy has been welcomed in Fortitude Valley, one of Brisbane’s major entertainment precincts.

Nick Braban, Fortitude Valley Safe Night Out President: “What this does it aligns some of the powers we have within our venues to the streets an extending the safe venue and the safe space we provide to people.”

The Safe Night Out Strategy is a broad range of initiatives to address violence, anti-social behaviour and safety issues around licensed venues.

Some people are optimistic about the new strategy.

VOX 1:”I think fines will make people more responsible for their actions when they come out.”

Up to 150 police will be patrolling Brisbane entertainment districts this weekend.

Anyone who fails to comply with police could receive a fine of up to $7,000 and a ban of up to 90 days.

The increased police presence and stiffer fines are the front line of the safe night out plan but the government says the wider aim is to change the drinking culture in the state.

Jacinta Lal, QUT News.