West Australian authorities have killed two sharks after the attack of a surfer near Esperance.

The victim, Sean Pollard, has been receiving treatment in Perth but has lost an arm and a hand.

Eliza Buzacott-Speer reports.


It was a horrifying attack on a man surfing with his girlfriend.

Sean Pollard lost an arm and a hand, and suffered terrible bites to one of his legs.

Hours after the attack, the Western Australian Department of Fisheries revealed they had caught a Great White Shark.

Lisa Clack, Department of Fisheries Spokesperson: “On the basis that white sharks of this size are known to have bitten humans, often with fatal consequences, the decision has been taken to destroy the shark humanely.”

A second Great White has since been captured but it might be the wrong one.

A friend of the victim says that Mr Pollard believes he was attacked by two bronze whalers not Great Whites.

Surgeons operated on the 23 year old last night, but he is still seriously ill.

Mark Docking, South Bunbury Football Club President: β€œHe’s a cracking young man, sensational at football but his real passion’s his surfing. Hard to keep him focused on his football at times because of his love of surfing.”

Fisheries say it’s too early to tell if the sharks they captured were in fact responsible for his injuries.

The response has prompted fresh debate over shark culling.

In 2012 the Western Australian government ruled that sharks could be killed pre-emptively if spotted close to popular beaches.

In recent weeks there have been several shark sightings around the Esperance area.

Mr Pollard’s family have flown to Perth and remain by his bedside.

Eliza Buzacott-Speer, QUT News.