The G20 parade is coming to town and to help welcome delegates and their families so is Australian jazz virtuoso James Morrison.

He’ll join a group of local musicians at a free concert at the Botanic Gardens Riverstage.

Gabrielle Copp reports.


This is a taste of what will occur but on a more grand scale.

It’s a one-off performance featuring 90 of the city’s best brass musicians.

The concert, called “The World According to Brass”, is part of a series of free concerts at various locations around the city during the November G20.

James Morrison, Jazz Musician: ”Something for everyone, a real family outing and a chance to enjoy the world of brass and the best that Brisbane’s got to offer.”

Arts Minister Ian Walker said the event was a once in a generation opportunity for Queensland.

Ian Walker MP, Qld Arts Minister: “There’ll be lots of hotel rooms that need to be occupied, lots of meals that need to be prepared, lots of coffees that need to be made for our international delegates.”

People are being encouraged to bring family and friends along to the concert, to enjoy a relaxing evening under the stars.

The free concerts will bring about economic benefits for Queensland, on top of the tourism boost the state will already receive as a result of the G20.

The James Morrison concert happens on the 7th of November.

James Morrison, Jazz Musician:” There’s only one thing better than a trumpet soaring away like that and that’s 90 of them.”

Gabrielle Copp, QUT News.