The importance of taking care at work, has been highlighted at a breakfast in King George Square today.

And Rugby League Legend Shane Webcke shared his own story of how a workplace injury impacted on his family.

Alexander Heinke reports.


A big breakfast for a big issue emphasising the importance of respecting safe workplace practices.

Shane Webcke is a passionate supporter of this cause and says it shouldn’t take an accident for people to take safety seriously.

Shane Webcke, Workplace Health and Safety Ambassador: “When it all goes wrong as it did in my family when my father went to work one day and didn’t come home alive that’s when you realise the effects of what you do for yourself don’t just affect you they affect you family.”

From the city to the bush, safety in rural areas is a serious issue due to inherent habits and complacency.

Nardia Miller, St John Ambulance: “Why should I have to do this, we have done it this way for 100 years, my dad didn’t need a seatbelt on the tractor, we sat the kids on the tyre guard why should that be a problem.”

132 Australian workers have lost their lives this year.

Workplace injuries are on the decline but legislation can only do so much, safety is everyone’s responsibility.

Shane Webcke says just think twice.

Shane Webcke, Workplace Health and Safety Ambassador: “The ability to stand back before you undertake a task and just think for a second it’s that simple, and that little thought process might just save your life.”

Workplace health and safety month runs throughout October.

Alexander Heinke, QUT News.