The next instalment of Pirates of the Caribbean will be filmed exclusively in Queensland.

Locations will include the Gold Coast, the Great Barrier Reef, Port Douglas and rainforest in the far north of the state.

Shelby Waugh reports.


Hollywood films Unbroken and San Andreas have filmed in the Sunshine State before.

And now, after months of lobbying, Queensland will play host to the largest international feature film to be shot in Australia.

The latest edition in the franchise, Dead Men Tell No Tales, has already gone into pre-production with filming to begin next February.

One-hundred million dollars is expected to be injected into the state’s economy.

Ian Walker, Qld Arts Minister: “This is all about revitalising Queensland economy and jobs for Queenslanders.”

The regional economy will also receive a boost, with twenty-thousand cast and crew in need of accommodation.

Thousands of jobs will be generated and are predicted to go almost entirely to Queenslanders.

Tracey Vieira, CEO Screen Qld: “I’m very proud of the fact that the first person they hired once they decided to come here was the Unit Production Manager, who was a Queenslander.”

With thousands of jobs expected to sail in, many students are eager for this to be the start of their film career.

And they see it as a unique chance.

Jonathan Burton, Film Student: “I think, trying to break an industry myself, having this opportunity here is fantastic and it should really help us as students.”

The film is due for cinematic release in July 2017.

Shelby Waugh, QUT News.