Southside locals were locked out of Government buildings today as they tried to deliver a petition against a new riverside development.

They say the plan for Kurilpa, is lacking in vision and infrastructure.

Emilia Hutchinson reports.


Residents and politicians took to the streets today to deliver their community petition.

But they found the doors of the Executive Building well and truly locked.

They say the draft Kurilpa master plan is flawed.

Dr Erin Evans, President West End Community Association: “There’s a significant lack of infrastructure. Where’s the education facilities? Our state school and high schools are both at capacity.”

If it goes ahead 25 hectares of industrial land, stretching from Montague Road to Riverside Drive, will be transformed into commercial areas and car parks, cultural facilities and high rises that could be as tall as 15 storeys.

The renewal will reportedly create 8,000 new jobs and 11,000 new residents.

But the locals are not impressed.

Professor Phil Heywood, QUT Urban & Regional Planning: “It would just be pouring buckets of concrete on a really attractive space that could add as much to the city as the South Bank did.”

The nearby South Bank that we enjoy today is the legacy of a similar petition by locals 25 years ago.

It’s clear that today’s petitioners were hoping to remake history and change the government’s plan for Kurilpa.

The Member for South Brisbane says today’s incident is a reflection of the Newman Government’s attitude towards the community.

Jackie Trad, Member for South Brisbane: “Instead of including people in the decision making they’ve closed the doors on the people of Brisbane.”

She’ll take the petition with more than 1,5000 signatures to the next sitting of parliament.

Emilia Hutchinson, QUT News.