Snow peaked mountains and Aussie myths and legends will be brought to life in a brand new Queensland production.

The Australian Outback Spectacular previewed its newest show, ‘High Country – Myths and Legends’.

Eliza Buzacott-Speer reports.


Even though it’s close to the Gold Coast, the sound of galloping hooves will take audiences far away to Australia’s High Country.

The Australian Outback Spectacular has been wowing crowds for almost a decade and this show will inject new life into what’s become a tourism draw card.

Graham Moore, Principal Performer: β€œIt’s a brand new show where we’re taking our guests on an incredible journey where we say goodbye to the red dusty plains of outback Queensland and we’re taking them on an incredible journey up to the snow peaked mountains of the High Country.”

The multi-million dollar production, drawing on a stable of 70 horses with an impressive display of special effects, a new three course meal and your own slouch hat.

Graham Moore, Principal Performer: “From about a year and a half ago the concept was put in place and we’ve done an incredible amount of training, brought new horses, brought in new cast members as well.”

The show opens in early December and promises to deliver a quintessentially Australian experience that will engage all the senses.

The show runs for one-and-a-half hours with tickets starting at eighty dollars.

Eliza Buzacott-Speer, QUT News.