The musical comedy Spamalot, brings Monty Python’s silliness back to the stage in Brisbane tonight.

And QUT News was given backstage access to the award winning show.

Carina Nguyen reports.


The winner of three Tony Awards, including best musical, Spamalot brings the 1975 film Monty Python and the Holy Grail to the stage in one of the most hilarious Broadway musicals of all time.

Tim O’Connor, Musical Theatre Producer: “I think this show is a great introduction to Python who may not be familiar with it and it’s a really lovely walk down memory lane for people who love it so much.”

The comedy follows King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table on a quest to find the renowned relic.

Tim O’Connor, Musical Theatre Producer: “It’s a piece that doesn’t dip into anything serious for even 5 seconds it’s just mad, mad, mad all the way through and at the end you just leave sort of holding on to yourself aching from laughing so hard.”

Celebrating 30 years since they first paired in Pirates of Penzance, Australian entertainment icons Jon English and Simon Gallaher reunite in Spamalot as King Arthur and Patsy.

Jon English, Actor: “Fantastic, really it’s like an old, an old boot that just fits.”

Simon Gallaher, Actor: “30 years we’ve started when we opened this place with Pirate so we’ve dirtied the floor a bit more since then.”

Julie Anthony, one of Australia’s most beloved and awarded female singers plays the Lady of the Lake.

And renowned funny man Frank Woodley stars as Sir Robin.

The musical has booked out so quickly that organisers have had to add another performance.

The show begins tonight at 8pm and ends on Sunday the 5th of October.

Carina Nguyen QUT News.