Technology and social media is changing the way we communicate with each other.

And, a conference in Brisbane heard, the speed of that change will only accelerate.

Marcus De Witt-Ryall reports.


The keynote session started things off with a bang by exploring the social obsession with computer and digital technology.

Prof Peter Vorderer, University of Mannheim: “It has been changing over the past very, very few years and we do not know yet whether this leads us into a social situation we loathe or we appreciate.”

The conference is looking at how we adapt to emerging technology while acknowledging that the longer term effects are yet unknown.

Prof Terry Flew, QUT Media and Communications: “Maybe it’s multi-tasking but maybe it’s also created new pressures for people to be always on and always engaging, not just with friends but very often with complete strangers.”

Delegates heard that the social media revolution is constantly changing with the advent of new sites like ‘ELLO’, which many Facebook users are switching to.

The spread of Wi-Fi is developing rapidly and very soon now Telstra will provide the public with Wi-Fi from their forgotten pay phone booths.

We will be more connected than ever and maybe I can finally start to catch up on the 100s of hours of cat videos uploaded to YouTube every minute.

Marcus De Witt-Ryall QUT News.