The Palmer United Party has joined with Labor and the Greens to launch an unprecedented inquiry into the Queensland Government.

It could be damaging, hearings will begin in the lead-up to next year’s State Election campaign.

Lachlan Eyers reports.


The Palmer United Party’s push for the inquiry, has gotten under the skin of the LNP.

Jeff Seeney Acting Premier: “Clive Palmer couldn’t get the sweetheart deal from our government that he wanted and he’s now hell-bent on revenge.”

The motion, PUP Senator Glenn Lazarus was passed 30 votes to 27

Government senators labelled it a misuse of the parliament.

Eric Abetz, Senate Leader: “A majority of senators to pursue a political vendetta in the state of Queensland.”

The inquiry will cast a wide net.

It wants to hear from anyone dissatisfied with the Newman Government.

The inquiry could expose any secrets the vast LNP majority may have.

Whether Queenslanders condemn the Premier and his government for it is a different matter.

John Mickel, Political Science Lecturer, QUT: “The general public are entitled to think this is cynical, but its impact will be none.”

And the former Queensland speaker thinks there’s another agenda..

John Mickel, Political Science Lecturer, QUT: “It may well give Clive Palmer what he desperately seeks: publicity.”

Labor will wait and see.

Annastacia Palaszczuk, Leader of the Opposition: “If this government has nothing to hide, they have nothing to fear.”

Lachlan Eyers, QUT News.