The first tranche of tough new counter-terrorism laws have cleared federal parliament today.

It came as an anti-Islamic State protest, calling for action against the militants, took place outside Parliament House.

Shelby Waugh reports.


Kurdish protestors rallied this afternoon urging the government to take action against IS.

Hauzhin Azeez, Aust Kurdish Asscoc Spokesperson: “We need the Australian community to realise that this is happening and support us.”

Today Prime Minister Tony Abbott said Australia will do what it takes to fight IS.

Tony Abbott, Prime Minister: “ISIL is an apocalyptic death cult. It’s a menace to everyone and has declared war on the world.”

Andrew Colvin has been announced as the new Federal Police commissioner.

Colvin is a 24-year veteran of the force who has worked extensively in counter terrorism operations.

Tony Abbott, Prime Minister: “He is eminently suited to lead the Australian Federal Police in these challenging times.”

It comes as new anti-terror laws passed the Senate.

The Prime Minister also ended his silence on the burqa in Parliament house.

Tony Abbott, Prime Minister: “Frankly, I wish it was not worn. But we are a free country. We are a free society.”

Meanwhile, Treasurer Joe Hockey has threatened new cuts if budget measures aren’t passed.

The Opposition says the budget is bad policy and warned of the changes to come.

NAME: Bill Shorten, Opposition Leader
NUMBER: Federal Politics Abbott & Shorten Presser
IN WORDS: If you thought this budget was a shocker, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.
OUT WORDS: nothin’ yet.
AT: 12’32’24”
TO: 12’32’39”

NAME: Jenny Macklin, Labor Senator.
NUMBER: Federal Politics Abbott & Shorten Presser
IN WORDS: They need to understand that if they put legislation to the Senate today that contains these measures, we will vote them down.
OUT WORDS: them down.
AT: 12’35’40”
TO: 12’35’50”

Budget legislation is expected the reach the Senate tonight.

Shelby Waugh, QUT News.