It’s been a warm start to October with temperatures into the low thirties today.

Experts say it’s difficult to predict what summer has in store for us.

But the dry weather doesn’t bode well for bushfires.

Daniel Sloan reports.


The Bureau of Meteorology is concerned for an extremely dry October, although there might be a slight reprieve next month.

Pradeep Singh, Senior Meteorologist: “We are seeing the chance of average rainfall in November but then again the chances in December decrease. This is typical of the El Nino conditions we are experiencing.”

Today’s temperatures are unusual but they’re not expected to last.

Pradeep Singh, Senior Meteorologist: “With the change going through tonight so temperatures should get better from tomorrow onwards.”

It’s forecast to warm up again next week and experts say with the dry heat comes an increased risk of bush fires.

On a brighter note Newmarket Olympic Pool’s expansion has arrived just in time.

Vicki Miller, Pool Lessee: “It’s just perfect for the new season for us, everything will be ready to go and we’re really happy about how it’s gone.”

And plenty of people were taking advantage of the facilities today.

Vox 1: “It’s my favourite pool in Brisbane, isn’t it, you like this pool yeah?”

Vox 2: “Perfect day to come and enjoy, as you can see the wonderful outdoors and this amazing waterpark.”

Vox 3: “The kids obviously love it as you can see, yeah it’s a good day.”

School holiday crowds took advantage of the summer like weather, enjoying today’s conditions which are not expected to last for the rest of the week.

Daniel Sloan, QUT News.