Counter-terrorism raids across five Melbourne suburbs have led to the arrest of a Seabrook man.

It is alleged the man provided funds for a US citizen to fight with a terrorist group in Syria.

Lachlan Eyers reports.


The morning raids were simultaneous.

A 23 year old Seabrook man was taken into custody.

Officers collected large amounts of electronic evidence.

But no weapons or explosives were found and no other people are suspected of wrong-doing.

Locals were stunned by the commotion.

Neighbour 1: “Very friendly, very nice person. He didn’t give me any impression that he was doing anything.”

Neighbour 2: “I don’t know, it’s quite baffling, quite shocking to be honest with you, it’s on our doorstep.”

The raids are the culmination of an eight month joint operation based on information from the FBI.

This morning police said the arrested man allegedly provided $12,000 to a US citizen to fight with a terrorist group in Syria.

Asst Comm Neil Gaughan, Australian Federal Police: “We have gone early today as we were of the view that further funds were about to be transferred to this person in Syria, so today was about an overt action to resolve this matter.”

Police say the raids aren’t related to last week’s fatal shooting of a teenage Melbourne terror suspect.

And that the public should be clear, there is no direct threat to them.

Dep Comm Graham Ashton, Victoria Police: “We want to continue to reassure the community to get on with their lives and keep doing their everyday business.”

Lachlan Eyers, QUT News.