South Sydney supporters are making the most of their first NRL Grand Final week in 43 years.

Anticipation has hit fever pitch ahead of their clash with the Bulldogs.

Alexander Heinke reports.


The Redfern Burrow hasn’t seen this much life in a long time.

It’s turned green and red ahead of the team’s first grand final since 1971.

Adam Reynolds, Rabbitohs Half-back: “They’re really embracing it, they’re loving every minute of it.”

This pride and passion has survived a history littered with turmoil.

Rabbitohs Fan: “Past is the past, we are ready for the future mate, rock and roll.”

Souths faced financial woes in the 70’s, then exclusion from the national competition in 1999.

Jason Clark was among some 80,000 that protested the club’s omission.

Jason Clark, Rabbitohs Utility: “I remember people climbing up light poles and sitting on bus shelters to see what was going on.”

In 2002 the Rabbitohs were back.

12 years on, they’re one win away from the top.

Since the last time Souths were in a grand final, their opponents have competed in 13.

If the Bulldogs win this year it will be premiership number seven.

But that’s something the South Sydney fans say just won’t happen.

Alexander Heinke, QUT News.