An ‘apprentice pledge’ for Queensland business was unveiled today.

Under the plan, employers could receive up to $6,000 for each new worker.

Daniel Sloan reports.


The ambitious $36 million plan will see up to 6,000 new apprenticeships by 2018.

John-Paul Langbroek, Training Minister: “We made a promise at the last election to have 10,000 extra apprenticeships on our current numbers and this is the next step in our plan.”

The scheme also will encourage companies to retain apprentices.

Stefan Ackerie, who already employs 200 apprentices, says nurturing his workers is a key factor in his success.

Stefan Ackerie, Stefan Hair Fashions: “So for me taking this pledge is almost like having sweets after dinner, it’s not very hard.”

He says the greatest asset of the future and his company are young people.

Stefan Ackerie, Stefan Hair Fashions: “My grandfather said to me, if somebody doesn’t plant a tree, we can’t eat the food and it’s not that different to training young people.”

The boosts to apprentice funding for businesses means an increasing number of young people will be able to find employment.

Surely a point of optimism for students worrying over their future as they prepare to leave school.

Stefan General Manager, Rose King, says being happy at works helps society too.

Rose King, Stefan Hair Fashions: “You want to have a job where you can use your hands, use your head, use your smile and help other people.”

Daniel Sloan, QUT News,