Australians who fund terrorists are complicit in their “dreadful deeds” the Prime Minister told parliament.

The Abbott Government has announced an extra $20 million to help track down terrorist funding, but is yet to give final approval for a combat mission in Iraq.

Marcus De Witt-Ryall reports.


Australian troops are currently posted in Dubai and on stand-by to join air strikes in Iraq.

Cabinet was expected to discuss Australia’s involvement in the conflict against Islamic State today but the government is being careful to ensure the legal framework for the mission is in place.

Some government MPs are pushing for a US-style “Super Security Agency” to take on the roles of ASIO, Customs and Border Protection and the Federal police.

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has rejected the idea, a position also taken by the Opposition who agree the current system is adequate.

Tanya Plibersek, Shadow Foreign Minister: “They seem to have very good relations between them and very good cooperation and I think the proof of that is in the pudding. We’ve in recent years disrupted a number of planned terrorist attacks in Australia, people have been jailed for that.”

Julie Bishop says says there’s no such proposal before cabinet or the national security department.

The foreign minister says if there were such a proposal, it would have to demonstrate current failures between the intelligence agencies and she wasn’t aware of any.

Marcus De Witt-Ryall, QUT News.