Swim legend Laurie Lawrence is horrified at the number of child drownings each year in Queensland.

So with the temperature rising, he’s again getting behind the Kids Alive initiative which offers free swimming lessons.

Emilia Hutchinson reports.


It’s Learn to Swim Week and 34 schools around the state are hosting free lessons for kids under the age of five.

At Logan Aquatic Centre they’re being held every half hour.

With almost fifty per cent of Australian kids under five not partaking in swimming lessons, Laurie Lawrence says this week is the time to act.

Statistics show that last year in Australia 31 children drowned unnecessarily.

The Kids Alive program aims to teach young kids basic swim skills and how to do the five.

Laurie Lawrence, Swim Safe: “Fence the pool. shut the gate. Teach Your kids to swim, it’s great. Supervise, watch your mate and learn how to resuscitate. Kids alive do the five.”

Laurie is urging parents not to be complacent and to take advantage of Learn to Swim Week during this school holiday period.

Laurie Lawrence, Swim Safe: “Parents, if your swim school’s not taking place go and ask them: please give my kids some swimming lessons. Give them free swimming lessons for one week.”

And on day one these kids are already displaying life saving skills.

Emilia Hutchinson, QUT News.