Queensland’s emergency services are urging people to take precautions during the fire season and to report anything which might be related to arson.

Marcus De Witt-Ryall reports.


Every year over two hundred arson related incidents are investigated in the Brisbane area alone.

The Rural Fire Service Queensland has reminded Queenslanders today to stay vigilant.

Gary McCormack, Regional Fire Services Qld: “Obviously we don’t want people to put themselves in danger but if you see something or know something say something.”

Dale Morrow, Queensland Police: “Be mindful that these things can cause bigger problems in relation to the property damage that can occur and the traffic problems that are caused on the highways.”

Residents in fire prone areas are warned to be bush fire ready.

Barry Conroy, The Gap resident: “Before the season starts we make sure that our leaves are all cleared from our gutters, that’s all cleared. Anything that is virtually flammable which can be around the yard, that is all removed.”

On the positive side naturally occurring fires can help native plants germinate.

There aren’t many benefits to a deliberately lit fire but at this scene in Nudgee the undergrowth has burnt away to reveal a field of a thousand golf balls.

Marcus De Witt-Ryall, QUT News.