Police have shot a man involved in a siege in Brisbane’s south west.

They declared an emergency situation at Inala just before midday when a man allegedly armed with a gun locked himself in a car and started making threats.

Shelby Waugh reports.


Police arrived at Gannet Street, Inala about 11.45 am on an unrelated matter.

The siege began when the man allegedly produced a handgun when officers approached a car he was sitting in outside a block of units.

Heavily armed police and ‘bearcat’ vehicles were moved in.

Several streets in the area were closed and an emergency was declared.

A police spokesperson told reporters at the scene the man had made no direct threats and police were using mobile phones to negotiate with him.

Several police spent more than an hour crouching behind the bonnet of their armed vehicle, while another was positioned on the roof.

After four hours the man left his car, pointing his gun at police.

He was shot several times.

Paramedics treated him at the scene.

Police say the the incident wasn’t terrorism related.

Shelby Waugh, QUT News.