Queensland Motorways is launching Clem 7.1, an initiative designed to enhance the poorly-performing tunnel.

The operator’s new approach will also be used in its Legacy Way project.

Lachlan Eyers reports.


The campaign aims to get more cars using the tunnel and to increase revenue.

Queensland Motorways research revealed drivers were confused by entry and exit points so there will be new blue-and-amber road markings to point the way.

But the cost? No change.

Susan Alvarez, Queensland Motorways: “The toll price will remain as it is, there are already lots of motorists who are enjoying the benefits of the Clem7 and they see that there’s value in it.”

At its inception, 80,000 motorists were meant to use the Clem 7 tunnel daily.

The fallout for the Legacy Way project, due for completion in 2015, is yet to be seen.

While the RACQ is pleased that┬átheir suggestion for clearer signage┬áhas been taken up they say it’s the hip pocket nerve which motorists care about.

Renee Smith, RACQ: “When it comes to Legacy Way starting up, we’d really like to see free or even just a discounted period when it starts up so Brisbane motorists can give it a go and see if it’s right for them.”

QM’S research also showed around one in four motorists didn’t understand the benefits of using the tunnel.

It could be hard to change that perception by the time Legacy Way opens.

Lachlan Eyers, QUT News.