The first stage of the Government’s tougher anti-terrorism laws passed through the Senate with bipartisan support.

The legislation beefs up ASIO’s powers but the Government has ruled out any possibility of torture.

Nicole Keijzer reports.


It’s the first in a series of bills, designed at protecting Australians, in the wake of growing concerns over Islamic State extremists.

The newest Bill, which significantly expands national security laws, will give Australia’s spy service, ASIO, more power to fight against terrorism.

The Greens have voted against it.

They’re worried it will encroach upon basic freedoms.

But Tony Abbott says he’s committed to keep Australians safe.

Tony Abbott, Prime Minister: “The assurance I want to give the Australian public is first and foremost, we will do everything we humanly can to keep us safe.”

These new laws will be implemented in time for tomorrow night’s huge swarm of AFL fans in Melbourne.

Those attending the Grand Final say they’ve noticed the heavy increase in security, and fear Australia could face some terrorist action at some stage.

VOX 1: “It’s scary, it’s frightening for sure, but no I haven’t worried too much about it at all actually.”

The legislation will now go to Parliament where passage is all but guaranteed.

Nicole Keijzer, QUT News.