Brisbane’s preparing itself to be set ablaze in spectacular style with this year’s Riverfire promising to be just as thrilling as ever.

But police are warning security will be stepped-up.

Georgia Terry reports.


It’s that time of the year again where the River City lights up in extraordinary fashion.

And tomorrow night is expected to go off with a bang.

Fortunato Foti, Creative Director, Foti International Fireworks: “We’ve got about 6,000 ariel fireworks and between 10-15,000 ground-based fireworks. That approaches about 12 tonnes of gross weight of fireworks.”

Organisers have been planning for eight months.

The FA-18 Super Hornets flew through the skies at lunchtime today, giving a small taste of what’s to come.

Police want Brisbanites to see the show despite some security concerns.

Ian Stewart, Police Commissioner: “I don’t want to alarm the community, they should go out and enjoy Riverfire like they’ve done every year for the last 10 years.”

And safety will be paramount.

Peter Martin, Assistant Commissioner, Qld Police: “The numbers above and beyond what we would normally put into an event like this significantly greater than otherwise would be the case.”

The Story Bridge will be closed between five thirty and eight tomorrow night and only pedestrians can use Victoria Bridge between four and 11.

If you’re catching a ferry, leave early.

Tomorrow night the Kangaroo Point Cliffs will be flooded with people hoping to get the best view for what’s expected to be a dazzling light display, so you better get in early.

But no matter where you are, the fireworks will be hard to miss.

Georgia Terry, QUT News.