Two people feared to be dead have been found safe after a house fire near Ballarat, Victoria.

However their mother was killed in the inferno.

Alexandria Scoffell reports.


A 43-year-old woman died when flames engulfed her house in Mount Helen at around 1.30 this morning.

Two adult children who were thought missing were later found safe and well.

The pair were located in nearby Ballarat when police called relatives and friends.

Neighbours called emergency services telling them about an explosion that tore much of the house apart.

VOX 1: “It’s pretty devastating, it’s really sad to think someone’s possibly in there.”

Twenty firefighters put out the blaze but couldn’t save the house.

They recovered a body before the roof collapsed and are still waiting to determine the cause of the explosion.

VOX 2: “We’ve had a bit of bad luck around here, we’ve had a couple of burglaries of late and now this.”

The family had recently moved to Mount Helen from Ballarat only one week ago.

Their two dogs also perished in the blaze.

At this stage police don’t beleive there is anything suspicious about the fire.

Alexandria Scoffell, Qut News.