An anti-cancer campaign has employed a giant yellow duck to get its message across.

The duck floated down the Brisbane River today to publicise a fundraising campaign for the Princess Alexandra Research Foundation.

Grace Burns reports.


You just can’t miss it, a big, bright mascot for the annual Support the Duck Stop Cancer campaign.

This is the eighth year of the duck, which has helped raised more than $1,000,000.

Simone Plunkett, PA Foundation Marketing Director: “We think it’s a very fitting place to get the community behind us to raise funds and see if we can come up with better treatment and diagnosis to help people and the families living with cancer.”

To do that the PA is appealing to the public to help support the cause.

Damian Topp, CEO PA Research Foundation: “It will go a long way to providing funds for cancer research at the PA, the home of the world’s first cancer vaccine. So We think we’re the right place to get the next big breakthrough.”

The foundation is holding a festival on the 26th of October where you can race a rubber duck, much smaller than this one, down the river at West End.

Last year 10,000 people sponsored 40,000 little ducks.

The funds raised from the Support the Duck cancer campaign will go towards helping the PA hospital’s research, with the ultimate goal of preventing cancer.

You can donate online anytime at

Grace Burns, QUT News.