A Brisbane transit lane that requires three people in each car is being downgraded so more drivers can use it.

The road at Kelvin Grove is one of the city’s busiest, carrying 50,000 vehicles a day.

Lachlan McCormick reports.


Brisbane Council wants to improve traffic-flow on Kelvin Grove Road and help motorists who obey the rules.

The T3 lane is under-utilised and 90 per cent of those who do travel on it are breaking the law, with too few people in their vehicles

Adrian Schrinner, Deputy Mayor: “You are essentially rewarding people that are doing the wrong thing by not, by allowing that to continue.”

He doesn’t believe the extra traffic on the new T2 will cause problems or slow down buses.

Adrian Schrinner, Deputy Mayor: “We don’t believe it will, a combination of better enforcement by the police and keeping the T2 lane in place will still give an advantage to bus users.”

The RACQ supports the claim.

Michael Roth, RACQ Spokesperson: “With about 30 buses an hour along Kelvin Grove Road in peak hours, a T2 lane will still give them a time advantage.”

Over 4,200 vehicles pass through here every hour during the morning peak period, it’s hardly surprising that when motorists see an opening, they take it.

Police are also happy because they say there are so many other major road rules to enforce.

Peter Martin, Assistant Commissioner, QLD Police: “We do a reasonable amount of that but there are other really quite important road policing issues.”

Lachlan McCormick, QUT News.