In Victoria, police have been placed on high alert following the shooting of terror suspect, Abdul Numan Haider.

And they now believe the 18-year-old may not have acted alone.

Georgia Terry reports.


Numan Haider was shot dead Tuesday night after stabbing two police officers outside Melbourne’s Endeavour Hills police station.

Victorian Police are being warned to take extra precautions after the incident, and aren’t ruling out the possibility others were involved.

Ken Lay, Vic Police Chief Commissioner: “He was certainly talking to other people around the time that he came to the police station.”

Police have dismissed speculation Haider wanted to behead the officers and drape their bodies in the Islamic State flag.

And say they have no information he was in contact with IS leadership outside Australia.

Anthony Byrne, Deputy Chair of Parliament Security: “It’s early days in terms of really disseminating what happened, who this young man was talking to and how this event came about.”

Denis Napthine, Victorian Premier: “Overall Victoria is a very safe state and people can go about their normal business with safety and security.”

Meanwhile, Canberra is considering a request to ban the burqa at Parliament House in the wake of Australia’s increased security measures.

Cory Bernardi, Liberal Senator: “Parliament house should be a secure zone. It should be open to the people but we need to know the identity of the people coming in here.”

Georgia Terry, QUT News.