The terror threat to Australia, became all too real last night. Police in Melbourne shot dead a known terror suspect, who had stabbed two officers.

In Parliament, the Acting Prime Minister Warren Truss applauded the bravery of two injured officers.

While Opposition Leader Bill Shorten says the thoughts of Australians will be with the officers’ families and colleagues, as well as the family of the dead man.

Alexandria Scoffell reports.


Officers from the counter-terrorism unit thought meeting a known terror suspect in a police station car park would put him at ease instead, he stabbed them.

The Federal officer was seriously wounded.

The other officer, despite arm wounds, then killed the attacker with a single shot.

This morning, the Victoria Police Commissioner went live on national television, to brief Australia.

Commissioner Ken Lay, Vic Police: “A leading senior constable from Victoria received a serious slash across his arm and is in a stable condition in hospital. The other member is from the Australian Federal Police and he is in a serious but stable condition after surgery last night, with knife wounds to his neck, his stomach and his head.”

An official investigation is underway.

But authorities say the Muslim man was considered a “person of interest” and under investigation over suspected terror activity.

His passport was cancelled just over a week ago.

Today, Muslim leaders expressed concern about reaction to the young man’s death.

Samir Dandan, Presidnet of the Lebanese Muslim Association: “It’s very horrifying to see that, I mean even going into the psychology of why an 18 year old would even go to a police station carrying some weapon with him is really very upsetting.”

Several mosques have been reportedly been threatened, egged and vandalised and women wearing the Hijab, abused.

The Muslim leaders reminded the public that the actions of one person do not reflect the faith itself.

Sheik Yahya Safi, Australian National Imams Council: “The noble Quran states clearly that whoever kills a person, it is as if he has killed all of humanity.”

Commissioner Ken Lay, Vic Police: “Extremist behaviour has nothing whatsoever to do with faith. It relates to people who would do our community harm.”

Police are encouraging all Australians to remain calm and report any suspicious behaviour.

Alexandria Scoffell, QUT News.