Queensland is to move away from the Overall Position education ranking system.

The Government is hopeful a new model will offer better opportunities for students.

Georgia Terry reports.


A review into the tertiary entrance process has recommended an overhaul of the current system.

And hopes are the changes will mean big things for Queensland education.

John-Paul Langbroek, Qld Education Minister: “The Government is going to consider all these recommendations to make sure we have a system that doesn’t copy another state, because we believe what we’re considering doing will be leading the nation.”

The recommendations support internal and external exams, as well as the scrapping of the OP system and Core Skills Test.

Critics say the shake-up’s been a long time coming but are urging the Government to act carefully.

Kevin Bates, Qld Teachers Union: “There was no doubt there was a long overdue review, it’s now important to look at what are the recommendations the Government’s willing to accept and what are the implications for those parents and students.”

Hopes are the new changes to the system will be phased in by 2016 and the government assures current year 11 and 12 students won’t be affected.

But there’s been a mixed response from school students today.

VOX 1: “I kind of like the system.”

VOX 2: “External exams? I think they’d be fairer with everyone taking the same exams.”

The Government says it won’t rush its responses to the review.

Georgia Terry, QUT News.