All guide dogs were once puppies. Today Guide Dogs Queensland put on a picnic to help raise community support for the organisation’s puppy raising program.

Rebecca Thompson reports.


The program allows people to be foster carers taking guide dog puppies home to nurture them in a loving environment until they reach twelve months old.

When they’re a year old they launch into their official guide dog training.

Prospective puppy owners have some big decisions to make.

Rebecca Thompson, Reporter: “What do you think is a good name for a puppy?”

Oscar Logan, Dog Lover: “I think a good name called Fluffy, ’cause I like everything Fluffy.”

Looking beyond the cute factor, these dogs are a life-line for the blind and vision impaired.

Brooke Powell, Brisbane Kids Spokesperson: “I think it’s a wonderful charity and I think it’s important people support it.”

Puppy raisers must be able to spend a lot of time with the puppies, helping them adapt to a range of environments.

Not everyone is suited to the task of puppy raising but the end result is rewarding.

Emily Massingham, Puppy Development Supervisor: “I think it’s definitely watching the puppies grow and working with the raisers who are the volunteers and watching the puppies grow.”

With the amount of blind and vision-impaired people increasing in the next five years, more guide dogs will be needed to lend a helping paw.

Rebecca Thompson, QUT News.