The parents of jailed Al Jazeera journalist Peter Greste have returned from visiting their son.

They say the case continues to highlight the importance of freedom of the press, and the safety of journalists.

Sarah Kingston reports.


Juris and Lois Greste returned two weeks ago from Egypt where their journalist son, Peter, is facing a seven-year prison sentence.

NAME: Juris Greste, Peter’s father: “Tora Prison is not an easy residence, it is a maximum security holding place, thus all security procedures are rigorous for inmates as well as visitors.”

Despite Peter’s bleak situation, the Grestes are endlessly optimistic about their appeal of his sentence.

Lois Greste, Peter’s mother: “All the hope in the world. I think it’s purely a matter of when, and the sooner the better of course.”

Peter’s parents say that he is keeping busy with creative projects and has even enrolled in a postgraduate course in International Relations at Griffith University.

The Greste family are strong advocates for freedom of the press.

According to his father, Peter considered the important role played by foreign correspondents far outweighed the risks.

Juris Greste, Peter’s father: “He believes it is important work, and it has to be done.”

The family have vowed to fight for as long as it takes to see Peter’s conviction overturned.

Sarah Kingston, QUT News.