An army of volunteers is ready to greet visitors to Brisbane, ahead of the G20 Summit.

The Lord Mayor says, they are the city’s face to the world.

Lachlan McCormick reports.


It was all smiles today at the third and final presentation ceremony recognising community involvement in the upcoming G20 Summit.

Lord Mayor Graham Quirk described the volunteers as the frontline troops in ensuring that Brisbane is remembered favourably as host city.

In light of recent counter-terrorism events, security will also be of paramount concern for organisers and officials.

The Lord Mayor reassured volunteers they wouldn’t be directly involved with security.

Graham Quirk, Lord Mayor: “Look we don’t see it as their role, their role is to provide that friendly welcoming mat.”

He still expects people to remain vigilant in observing any suspicious behaviour.

Graham Quirk, Lord Mayor: “It would be something that everybody within organisations of government and indeed the community at large would probably be called upon to do.”

Louise Moeller, Volunteer: “It’s a bit of a fabulous opportunity to just bring Brisbane up and show people the amazing things it has to offer.”

Not since Expo 88′ have the eyes of the world been on the River City, with the G20 talks being held several hundred metres from that historic site.

Lyndal Moeller, Volunteer: “A lot of Brisbane’s visitors are younger, they’re backpackers, they work and travel, so I think as a young person it is great to have young people involved.”

The volunteers are understandably excited about their role, they say the fact that they are charged with such an important task is a just reward.

Lachlan McCormick, QUT News.