If you’re looking for kid-friendly entertainment this school holidays, you could look at Fizz, a fun and modern opera performance now playing in Brisbane.

Grace Burns reports.


Fizz is a modern take on the 19th Century classic Italian comic opera, The Elixir of Love, re-worked into kid-friendly English.

Nick Skubji, Co-artistic director: “It’s a typical story of a man trying to change himself for the woman of his dreams and believing he is something that he’s not, to get the person he wants.”

The performance incorporates digital media elements like a virtual background screen and interactive opportunities for kids.

Ashleigh Crane, Performer: “We encourage them during the show to call out and respond, we ask them all sorts of questions during the show and encourage active responses.”

Fizz has been touring primary schools around South East Queensland for the last 10 weeks.

Already, more than 11,000 students have seen it.

Fizz is the first collaboration between Opera Queensland and Shake and Stir.

The performance raises awareness about cyber-bullying and digital issues for young people.

It also addresses issues like self-confidence, honesty and friendship, presenting them in a comic, operatic art-form.

Mark Taylor, Educational organiser Opera Queensland: “We know each other as companies and we admire each other’s work so it seemed a natural fit to come together.”

Fizz runs twice daily until Saturday at the Brisbane Powerhouse.

Grace Burns, QUT News.