It was all about the boys, beers and a bull today at the annual Steer Charity Luncheon.

But, there was a serious side supporting men’s health.

Alexandria Scoffell reports.


Some of Australia’s worst vegetarians gathered today at the Brekky Creek.

David Beak, A la Carte Meats: “It’s a great event, one of the best ways we can tie back to the farm, all the way to the restaurant.”

The special guest was Bruce the 600 kilogram steer.

The four-legged fellow set an auction record.

Auctioner: “Final bid of $45,000.”

The winning bidder, happy the money will support prostate cancer research.

Geoff Atkinson, Winning bidder: “We hope to make it a bigger event every year and do the same thing from year to year.”

Bruce the $45,000 steer is not only the centre of attention today, but will return here in six weeks time, as the main-course of a celebratory lunch.

But today’s seasoned steak lovers didn’t have to wait.

Their lunch came from the champion steer at this year’s Ekka.

Alexandria Scoffell, QUT News.