With the Brisbane G20 meeting weeks away, preparations are close to complete.

Today, security headquarters were officially opened, part of the tight safety-measures for the summit of world leaders.

Georgia Terry reports.


It’s two months out from the G20 but the cogs are well and truly in motion.

Campbell Newman, Qld Premier: “This is a very big deal for Queensland, it’s a very exciting and positive deal for us because we’ve got 7,000 visitors from across the globe.”

The G20 headquarters opened for business today, with the Queensland Premier himself being the first to have a look.

Campbell Newman, Qld Premier:”It’s great to see the airport is so very well prepared for the influx in a few weeks of some 4,000 delegates.”

Security will be strictly controlled, with testing and exercises already complete.

Julieanne Alroe, Brisbane Airport Corporation CEO: “This will be the nerve-centre of anything that’s going to happen in and around the airport vicinity.”

The success of the weekend’s G20 finance meeting in Cairns is being seen as a good omen for what’s to come.

In just under eight weeks, Brisbane will be teeming with more than 4,000 international officials and 3,000 media representatives from around the world, not to mention the increased police presence expected to flood the streets.

The Government also took the chance to flag their new Endless Opportunity campaign today.

Tim Nicholls, Qld Treasurer: “For people who want to invest in Queensland, and for our businesses who want to export to the rest of the world, there are endless opportunities in Queensland.”

Georgia Terry, QUT News.