The RACQ has warned Queensland motorists to ensure their GPS devices are installed correctly.

This comes after police began handing out fines, for illegal placement of Sat Navs.

Sam Smith reports.


GPS and satellite navigation systems can be useful tools in helping drivers reach unknown destinations.

But these systems are often being poorly, and illegally, placed in vehicles.

Lauren Ritchie, RACQ Spokesperson: “Look, a lot of motorists don’t know it’s actually illegal to have your GPS anywhere but on the bottom right hand corner of your windscreen. If it’s in the centre or anywhere else it’s actually illegal and you could be fined about $250 by police.”

The RACQ says drivers shouldn’t put details into GPS devices when they’re driving.

Motorists also must pull over when altering details to avoid distraction and further breaking the law.

But many members of the public were unaware their GPS devices were in illegal position.

VOX 1: “It’s not widely known, they should be promoting it more.”

VOX 2: “I think it’s unfair to fine people without notice, they should advertise it more and make it more widely known.”

RACQ insists that while GPS placement remains an issue, drivers must be mindful of all road safety rules these school holidays.

There’s no way for police to monitor driver fatigue but it’s an issue the RACQ wants drivers to remember.

Lauren Ritchie, RACQ Spokesperson: “Obviously those Fatal Five messages about wearing your seat-belt, not drinking and driving, not being distracted, fatigue, and speeding as well. Those messages still stand whether it’s holidays or not.”

Sam Smith, QUT News.