Brisbane’s Story Bridge may be closed up to four times a year to host major community events.

The aim is to support groups raising money for good causes not business corporations.

Sarah Kingston reports.


We drive over it, exercise on it, and even climb it.

But our best-known bridge may be a little less accessible, under new proposals.

The Queensland Government and Brisbane City Council today announced it will soon be possible to hire the bridge, for a wide range of community events.

Adrian Schrinner, Deputy Mayor: “We’ve put together a process where council and state agencies can get together to assess these requests.”

Council Opposition Leader Milton Dick, sees problems with the plan.

Milton Dick, Opposition Leader: “It’s not good enough for these pie-in-the-sky ideas to come forward without proper traffic and safety analysis done.”

Organisers hiring out the bridge will be required to pay all associated costs of closure, as well as taking on liability for any damage or injury during their event.

Reaction to the plan on Brisbane streets, was mixed.

VOX 1: “It doesn’t impact on me, I could work around it. So yeah, use it, promote the place.”

VOX 2: “I don’t know if this is the right place for a private event on a bridge that’s used by so many people.”

Closures of the bridge for functions will be limited to four each year, including this weekend’s closure for Riverfire.

Sarah Kingston, QUT News.