Wayne Bennett is now officially back home with the Brisbane Broncos, and promising to inject new life into the team.

The coaching legend believes six-years on, he’s better prepared to handle the challenge.

Lachlan McCormick reports.


In the time since he left, the club has unceremoniously sacked two coaches, most recently Anthony Griffin who was given his marching orders in July to make way for Bennett’s arrival.

Club officials today reassured supporters that they expected results from the coach who had won six titles while at the Broncos.

Paul White, Broncos CEO: “Preparations, as I said, are underway to get this club back to where we need to be.”

The 65-year-old is contracted for three years and is hungry for results in what he considers to be rugby league’s most high pressure job.

Wayne Bennett, Incoming coach: “The thing I have to live with is me, and when I don’t do my best I don’t like me, so it’s the one thing I can guarantee that I will be doing my best and when I cannot do that anymore then I won’t coach anymore.”

While the public remains somewhat divided over his appointment it seems the first order of business for Bennett must be to generate buzz.

With Brisbane’s four football teams all vying for fans, the Broncos are hoping Bennett’s return will prove the difference.

The battle for sporting code dominance in Brisbane has begun.

In Queensland rugby, hype now surrounds the Reds after announcing the signings of Karmichael Hunt and James O’Connor.

Lachlan McCormick, QUT News.