Our army personnel will soon be sporting new uniforms made right here in Australia.

The designs went on display in Brisbane today, as part of an army expo.

Riana Horner reports.


Two new types of Australian multicam camouflage uniforms will replace the old after passing rigorous testing.

The homemade gear will eventually become the army’s mainstream design.

Army Corporal, Keith Hall, said the uniforms are a big improvement to the old.

Keith Hall, Army Corporal: “It’s very practical, as you can see, it has built-in elbow and knee pads which helps us when we go underground to prevent injury.”

The new generation of uniforms won the salute of approval in various terrain types, such as tropical jungle, grassland and scrub environments.

And they fit the bill.

Dean George, Army Corporal: “I’ve found it personally to be very comfortable, very practical, I have been given the opportunity to test it in rather challenging and arduous conditions and it’s proved itself to be very functional, comfortable and durable.”

Townsville’s Third Brigade will be the first to be issued the new uniforms next month, other locations will receive theirs over the coming years.

Riana Horner, QUT News.